How It Helps Tracking System for Businesses
Track.Net - helps in the following areas:

Fuel savings
Fewer "extra stops", more direct routes, better mpg, less idling and less unauthorized usage. Average fuel consumption reduced by up to 30%.*
Labor savings
Saves up to 30 minutes per day per vehicle. Average overtime reduced by 15%.*
Productivity increased
At least one more job per day per employee. Average productivity increased by 12%.*
Customer service improved
Know your exact arrival times, respond more effectively to emergencies and last-minute changes.
Communications improved
The industry's most effective 2-way messaging. No more cell phone hassle,and all messaging date/time stamped and archived.
No more time cards
Now automated with easy-to-use payroll reports.
Fewer traffic violations
Driving behavior monitoring and real-time alerts.
Security and safety enhanced
Integrated GPS, monitoring, alerts, messaging and more

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